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Cygnus X-1 Black Hole


Pulling In and Spiraling SensaBH.PicPullingIntion

“a swirling energy pulling me in” 

“I feel an intense pressure inside of my head; like a weight that is pulling me down.” 

The sensation of pulling or drawing inward is general for the state.  Local sensations are drawing, contracting or pulling inward.  The chest is constricted, difficult to breathe.  Pains are drawing, contracting.  The head is compressed.  The general sensation involves pulling inward so that things are compressed into a weighted and dense mass.  Sometimes the pulling is felt as a weighted sensation.  Things are both being pulled as well as compressed.  

When gas encounters a black hole, it increases its temperature while spiraling into the center. Likewise in the proving, sensations of spinning, as if in a vortex, were found. Several provers experienced vertigo, another felt spinning in his feet and genitals. Whirlwinds, tornados, funnel clouds, and spirals appeared in dreams and mental symptoms.  Undulation, or wave-like sensations were also found in vertigo and mental symptoms. 

Mental symptoms abound with the idea of being drawn to something, to being pulled in and pulled down.  People pull them into energy they don’t want like “a little child pulling on your shirt”.  The pressure of life pulls them down, keeps them from being free.  At other times they are drawn to events, activities, and thoughts as if a force unseen is drawing them.  They may resist the force at times, but often the pull is accepted.

Bird energy (Also see Theme: Bursting and Theme: Swimming, Flying)

It’s also interesting to note the analogy to bird energy.  In the Black Hole the main sensation is that of being pulled in and drawn down.  This is contrasted to the opposite which is open and free as you might experience in outer space.  It’s no coincidence that many of the provers use birds as an analogy to the state.  The provers see birds and talk of birds and flying.  Birds carry this same basic sensation of held down, weighted vs. open and free.  This remedy was also made from the black hole, Cygnus X-1 located in the Cygnus (Swan)

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Pulling Inward, Drawn, Drawing, Compressing, Contraction, Shrinking

  • a force weighing me down, squishing me , shrinking me, a contraction down going back into the earth, pulling into the earth in a way that's tragic. Muscles contracting, a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. Grief, loss so deep, centering between heart and solar plexus chakras. Pressing down on my sacrum, glutes, contracting compression shrinking wow. From the root to throat chakras it is almost as if I am curling up into a ball, curling into contractions that make me into nothing. It is also spinning out like a vortex, like (hg spinning to side) then poof and gone. A spinning like a tornado sucks, no pulls is more accurate as I get compressed; it all goes sideways.” (04)
  • “a swirling energy pulling me in” (16)
  • “…escape the obligations of this life that are binding me down, like you tie up a wild animal, or a large, crazed, monster-man in some old-fashioned movie. pinned down by stakes in the ground“ (04)
  • I feel pulled down by my co-worker's attitude. "Pulled down" = yanked out of the sky.”  (05)
  • “the opposite of soaring up into the sun is being pulled down into hell...” (05)
  • “Mostly, calm, and then there is this pulling sensation.” (09)
  • “Unexpectedly thrown in or pulled in going down, taking the water into your lungs. Panic, flailing about, panicky, moving, trying to get yourself up above the water to catch your breath. Thinking that I am going to die.” (09)
  • I couldn't avoid this situation, can't get out of it, so pull it all in and see it through, hope the end comes quickly.”(11)
  • “Feeling as if a little kid is pulling on my shirt for attention.” (13)
  • (dream) “I dreamt US Bank was 'going under.' … recommended I withdraw all funds from my bank account because it was just going to be absorbed by the bank itself.” (01)
  • (dream) “I was able to see what was going on in there looking in their eyes was the crucial moment because you had to see and not get drawn in by the spirit.” (15)
  • “Compressed, pushed down, held in, squeezed in. there is a compression there. When a chicken is laying egg or a human giving birth this compression and a release.” (09)

Heavy, Weighted, Dense

  • “A bird had eating something not suitable, a piece of lead. The bird tried to ascend in flight and, because of the weight inside, turned and plummeted to the earth.” (05)
  • Heavy when the barometer changes, you feel heavy, weighed down, compressed, the barometer presses you down, oppressing you, oh, like being underwater! The compressed sensation is like a Jack-in-the-Box, when you press down on it before closing the lid” (09)
  • “thinking of a big old tree, it's droopy, heavy with weight of it's limbs, they drag it down” (12)
  • “…a drawing in as if bone or marrow is drawing in, becoming more dense.” (04)

Physical: “Pulled In” Sensation

  • Pressure is like a condensing. There is a feeling in my right eye socket, a drawing in as if bone or marrow is drawing in, becoming more dense.” (Eye) (04)
  • “Sensation like your head is being squeezed or compressed, tightly.” (Head) (09)
  • “It is difficult to wake up, I just can't pull myself out of morning slumber into starting the day.” (04)
  • Weight on chest, heavy, clutching, can't breathe, weighted, pulling down, heavy.” (Chest) (12)
  • Sensation in my heart of contraction. Pulling together in my chest tingling that radiates from heart to face and lips” (Chest) (13)
  • “A little headache coming on; on the left side. It starts in the nose or sinus and extends upwards and back to the side of the head. It feels like a pull.” (Head) (15)
  • “I feel an intense pressure inside of my head; like a weight that is pulling me down.” (Head) (10)
  • “Right sided tension in occiput. Feels drawing, contracting.”  (Head) (01)
  • “My upper jaw feels tight, as if the teeth are drawing inwards.” (Face) (04)
  • “There is a sensation in my chest at times, a drawing.” (Chest) (12)

Things are Attracted, Drawn to (the people in this state)

  • There was just this flurry of males drawn to this area, of course for the plug, but an interesting coincidence.” (04)
  • “A flock of crows arrive in my trees and stay for two weeks.” (06)
  • “and I end up being the one catching the most fish (six) without even touching anything (neither fish nor bait). I wonder why the stupid fish seem to choose my line to bite” (15)
  • “I feel like men are looking at me. More than normal. Turning and looking. What is this about?” (12)
  • “teenage girl in car winked and said something sexual” (11)

Spiraling and UndulBH.PicSpiralation

  • “The first thing I thought was a black hole but it's not pulling things into the dark from the outside, it's like a whirlwind, a vortex of energy. Thinking about the Tasmanian devil in the cartoons. There is still matter around until the spinning ends. Heaviness at center, feet & shoulder in chest.” (04)
  • Vertigo getting out of the car after a three hour car ride. Unique symptoms.” (01)
  • “Vertigo. Sensation of sudden spin to the left while seated.” (05)
  • “Dream:… I wonder if it is the thermostat, I see small, spiral waves of heat emanating from the hood.....” (09)
  • Dizzy, like vertigo.”  (09)
  • “trying to be in two different places at the same time; a swirling energy pulling me in; diazzying in head and stomach, head- things pfloating like a slow tornado, funnel cloud and going around. Feel this in throat, touch of nausea, stomach; swirling like a rolling wheel; going to abyss, deep, dark, unknown, scary, soundless; scary; confusion." (16)
  • “It is taking the dark nebula and making light by spinning the energy into form. “ (18)
  • “My left foot is vibrating and feels as though it could start spinning.” (10)
  • “I feel a spinning sensation in my genitals; especially my testicals and between my testicals and anus. Like my root chakra is opening and this vibration goes down my left leg and out the sole of my foot.” (10) 
  • “Reminds me of a drill going down into skin in a circular fashion in only one spot; going deep, deeper, deeper.” (16)


  • “Undulating room sensation since I received the proving substance.” (10)
  • “I have a sensation like I was on the water even after I come back from fishing. This makes my legs unsteady, I have to walk with support, my legs feel wobbly; like I am going to fall over.” (05)
  • “In the ocean, the gentle motion of the waves felt soothing and relaxing. “ (14)